Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PGPD Honors Patrol Officers of the Month

Prince George’s County patrol officers suit up every day to serve the people of the county.  Their good works too often go unnoticed.  Here are patrol officers of the month for April.

District I Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Ryan Macklin

On April 21, 2013, Police Officer Ryan Macklin responded to the 7500 block of Dover Lane in Lanham for the report of a cutting.  Once on scene, PO Macklin immediately provided first aide to the victim who was suffering from several stab wounds.  At the same time, he broadcast a lookout for the suspect.  During a search of the area, PO Macklin spotted the suspect and arrested him without incident.

District II Police Officers of the Month
Corporal Jeremy George

Police Officer First Class Scott Wilson

On April 4, 2013, Corporal Jeremy George and Police Officer First Class Scott Wilson were called to the area of Ransom Drive and Guinevere Road after residents reported hearing the sound of gunshots.  Prior to their arrival, dispatch advised that the possible suspects were seen driving away in a white van.  As they approached the area, Corporal George and POFC Wilson spotted a white van with three passengers and initiated a traffic stop.  As the patrol officers approached the van, they smelled a strong odor of possible marijuana.  The patrol officers were given permission to search the vehicle.  They found a .45 caliber handgun under the driver’s seat.  No victims were located, but several .45 caliber shell casings were also recovered in the area.

District III Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Chris Hall

On March 28, 2013, Police Officer Chris Hall responded to the 3000 block of Pennsy Drive for an attempted armed robbery. Upon arrival, the patrol officer spoke with the victim who advised that the suspect had pulled out a knife and announced a robbery. The victim was able to get away and call police.  PO Hall and the victim canvassed the area looking for the suspect and spotted him a short time later.  After a short foot case, PO Hall was able to arrest the suspect without further incident

District IV Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Luke Allen

On April 23, 2013, Police Officer Luke Allen conducted a traffic stop in the 5100 block of Deal Drive in Upper Marlboro.  As he approached the vehicle, he smelled a strong odor of possible marijuana coming from the car.  PO Allen ordered the four occupants out of the car. A computer check showed the driver had a suspended license and five open warrants.  During a search of the vehicle, PO Allen found a backpack in the trunk with a sawed off 12-gauge shotgun, a revolver, a digital scale, 38 grams of marijuana, numerous baggies and PCP.

District V Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Todd Fowble

On April 1, 2013, Police Officer Todd Fowble conducted a traffic stop in the 7500 block of Allentown Road in Temple Hills.  After obtaining the driver and passenger’s information, PO Fowble began to walk back to his cruiser to run a check.  A few moments later, the front passenger bailed out of the car, holding the right side of his waistband as he ran away. During a foot chase, the suspect dropped a loaded handgun, a knife and ski mask.  The driver was arrested, but the passenger was able to get away.  As PO Fowble continued the investigation, he was able to identify and obtain warrants for the suspect.  On April 23, 2013, PO Fowble found the suspect at a home in Fort Washington. He was arrested without further incident.

District VI Police Officers of the Month
Corporal Kenny Cheung
Police Officer Michael Risher II
Police Officer Michael Stargel

On April 17, 2013, Corporal Kenny Cheung and Police Officers Michael Risher and Michael Stargel were called to Avebury Drive in Laurel for an armed robbery in progress.  Upon arrival, the patrol officers spoke with the victim and quickly established a perimeter around the apartment building.  When the two suspects tried to exit the building, they spotted the patrol officers and ran back inside.  One of the suspects then tried to escape from the rear of the building, but also turned back when spotting an officer.  The suspects soon surrendered.  Two loaded handguns were recovered from the scene.

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